Day 93: Bouncy Ball

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Students chose clock buddies, a grouping method popular with the teachers of younger kids. We’ll use this all semester.


They have a partner and a single bouncy ball. Here’s my description of the activity.

I love me some mechanics but my students hate the topic. I can’t say there’s a lot of love in the classroom today for kinematics, forces, energy, and momentum. Maybe it’s because they spent a full semester of physical science on mechanics.

We start off with the ball bounce lab so popular with the modelers — not only do I hope to build some enthusiasm but I also want them to see the quantified direction we’re going in. Not all my labs can be described so succinctly but I see “can write lab instructions on the whiteboard” as a design goal. I think that 10-page lab handouts are where I lose most of my kids (in attention AND understanding).



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