Day 71: PhET Fun

Monday, 2 December 2013

2013-12-02 15.41.24


So, we’ve talked about broad concepts of voltage, current, and resistance. We’ve lit a bulb with just one battery and one wire. We HAVEN’T studied charge or electric fields. Doing circuits without charge & fields isn’t ideal — I think I need to be sure to do Coulomb’s Law next year (it builds nicely into some chemistry stuff for my kids who take chem next). I’ve referenced but not implemented some of this DC Circuits Brainstorming doc from Global Physics Department.

Today, I refreshed their memories after the Thanksgiving holiday and gave them this adapted activity from PhET that uses four different simulations. Here’s my version of the activity.

One class is a day behind the others due to our rotation, so I was just introducing concepts of electric potential, conductors, and insulators today. They became fascinated by lightning rods and our discussion of how to spot one on their own homes. I was surprised they’d never learned this stuff in physical science (at our school, the physics part of physical science includes just mechanics).

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