Day 68: Printed Post-Its

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

2013-11-20 07.27.52

Printed Post-It notes are the awesomist!

My binder checks were getting monotonous in the comments I left for kids, so I decided to print a short checklist. Post-It Note Template for Word. Today, I’m checking binders during the unit tests and I leave a sticky note in the binder with specific comments. I look to see that kids have all the work we did in this unit, that it’s filed away in some kind of order, and grade any work they didn’t previously turn in.

I can easily spot turned-in work because everything I grade gets a date stamp and grade, so it’s easy to spot work they haven’t turned in yet (see picture below). The whole class set of binders can be graded during the test.

Date stamp + grade (star = 100%) is a darn near foolproof way to track grading.