Day 66: Little Bit of Everything

Monday, 18 November 2013


A student-created pinhole camera made from a small oatmeal container.


The best photo so far.

On my schedule, B and G days are my toughest. I teach all 4 classes without a planning period. Don’t feel too bad for me because I get two other days in the rotation with only 2 classes out of 4. Anyhow, today is a G day. My first class is taking a unit test on light and optics, my second is bringing in pinhole cameras in anticipation of visiting the darkroom tomorrow, my third is going directly to the darkroom, and my fourth is starting in on electricity. Our new schedule has several convolutions designed to reduce student stress and reduce transitions during the day. The result is that my classes are never all together.

Above is one of the pinhole cameras made from an oatmeal can. These containers do a decent job of blocking light, though we often have to cover the top because of light leaks. The bottom pictures were taken by a student who crafted his camera from a cigar box.

We’re fortunate to have a B&W darkroom on campus and a photography teacher who is willing to give up some of her planning time to help our students through the developing process. The benefit for her is that we often identify students who fall in love with photography because of this project.


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