Day 60: Pinhole Camera Introductions

Friday, 8 November 2013

2013-11-12 09.23.54

Pinhole cameras created by my 2012 students.

Today, I saw two of my four sections of physics students. I took the opportunity to outline the first stages of the pinhole camera project that’ll run through early December. Their first steps are to write a background paper on how pinhole cameras work and to develop a blueprint of their own camera designs.

Kids always seem to get nervous when I ask them to write a paper, so my goal today was to set them at ease. Most background papers for pinhole cameras run in the 1-2 double-spaced pages range, so hardly a huge project. We read the assignment and I answered questions.

The other piece at the beginning that stresses the kids out are the calculations for the camera. There are two: calculating the pinhole diameter and the exposure time. So I also spent some time today answering questions about the calculations.

The above took us about 15 minutes in each class, so that left us with plenty of time to take out an optics bench and locate a few real images. The kids are always amazed when I project an image onto an index card. Wait till Monday kids, when we begin our lenses lab!

What was the warmup in 7th period?


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