Day 57: Discovery Begins

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

No picture — students can’t use phones at Discovery, so out of respect, I also left mine in the car.

Today’s the first day of my Discovery session!

Discovery is the outdoor education and leadership program at my school. All freshmen take part in one of the sessions offered year-round. For two weeks, a group of freshmen, led by three upperclassmen outdoor leaders, take part in team-building activities and attend an expedition on the second weekend. I’m one of the faculty leaders on this session, meaning I spend two hours after school every day for two weeks with about 10 freshmen. My job is safety, supervision, and (best of all!) helping develop the leadership skills of the outdoor leaders.

At today’s session, we played several games to learn everyone’s names. My favorite was the pool-noodle-whacking game. Students stand in a circle and everyone has a geological feature nickname starting with the same letter as your name. One student chose Mountain Maya, for instance. Then, one person is “it” in the center and holds a pool noodle. One of us on the circle calls out another person’s name and nickname, and the person in the middle has to whack that person before they call the name of someone else in the circle. Our looked something like this:

Student 1: “Mountain Maya”

Student 2: “Japan James”

Student 3: “Terra Tyler”

Meanwhile, the person holding the pool noodle is spinning in circles looking for the named person to whack. If the person in the middle gets a whack in in time, the whackee becomes “it”. Great fun and crazy difficult!


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