Day 43: Teaching the Children

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


My freshmen teach pre-first grade students (that’s kindergarten round here) how the panpipes work.


This group told my students that their panpipes could be better if the paint weren’t wearing off. You can always count on little kids for real talk.


The kid on the left who built this banjo was AHMAZHING teaching little kids how frets work to produce different notes.


Two art teachers in the Lower School approached my colleague and I about sharing our instruments with their pre-first art students. We decided to present our songs to the whole pre-first class then break up into small groups to tell the kids about how the instruments work and answer their questions. This morning at 8:30am, the pre-first teachers walked their kids down the hill to my classroom for about 45 minutes with my class.

As they departed, my kids were all grins (I heard “they’re SOOOOO cute” from pretty much every student of mine) and one little kid said this was the best field trip he’s ever taken. Probably his first field trip, but I’m letting my kids have all the glory on this one. They were so perfect!


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