Day 28: Quizzes

Monday, 23 September, 2013

Here’s the student quiz day workflow: take a quiz on Moodle, get immediate feedback as to right & wrong answers, correct what you can with commentary as to why you got it wrong/how to correct. Both of these young women made silly mistakes. Unit conversions are a huge issue when starting out in physics. The young woman on the left will learn. The one on the right merged two adjacent problems from her screen while solving. I did have mercy on her, in case you were wondering.

I love the way my room sounds about 30 minutes into quiz day. The first wave of kids has just hit submit and is looking over their results. They let out some form of sigh when they realize the mistake they made — that’s educational gold. I’d estimate 75% of student errors get a “gah!”. Only 25% of student errors are in the “I have no idea where I went wrong” camp.

Closed out class today with ~10 minutes an introduction to Electromagnetic Waves.


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