Day 22: Prototypes Due


4th period: A banjo, recorder, and one note on a closed end pan pipe.


6th period: several string instruments.

The emphasis on this stage was prototyping. I wanted kids to see what it takes to get a note out of their instrument. Last year, I saw too many fails on the due date. By all measures, the new step is working. Kids have shared legit learning with me — stuff they’ll incorporate into the final instruments.

What was today’s warmup in 7th period?

13 Sept 2013


3 thoughts on “Day 22: Prototypes Due

  1. Love this idea, will be using it when we get to sound. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome. A word of advice: limit them to wind instruments or if you’re feeling brave, strings. Avoid any and all percussion. The physics was way beyond anything we might reasonably cover in class.

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