Day 20: Giving Notes

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

2013-09-12 07.07.25

I met with three out of four of my classes today and shared with all of them how a closed pipe resonator works. BecauseI had the parents playing with resonance in a closed pipe setup last night, I just left the setup out and started with that.

The kids were, like, “Whoa!” when they first heard the resonance.

Then I was all like, “Shut the font door! What just happened there?”

They were dying to understand the phenomena.

So, I was all like, here’s how it works (see board above).

What was the 4th, 5th, and 6th period warmup?

11 Sept 2013

I handed out this image on 1/4 sheets of paper. My old Interactive Notebooking self kinda enjoyed that. Note to my next-year self: lay down a grid behind the image and include more than one repetition of the interference pattern. Was a nice lead-in to talking about beats. After warm up, we looked at this video.



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