Day 17: Early Stages of Prototyping


Though I gave out the musical instrument project a few days ago, I only got around to establishing due dates today. Do y’all run multi-week projects? My musical instrument project has kids build a prototype, write a research paper, and build a working musical instrument. Spreading out the parts of the assignment is so tricky! How do you handle due dates?

I’m working around sports, drama, performing arts, and school-led camping trips*. My goal is to always put one weekend between me and the due date.

Anyhow, to the point of the title: kids started on their prototyping today. This stage is new this year — I’m hoping that experimenting with materials with the goal of learning about construction techniques helps. Students were rummaging through a scrap wood stack in my class, plucking rubber bands, and shopping for materials. Can’t wait to hear their results!

*every freshman attends an outdoor education program that includes a weekend expedition. There are about 15 expeditions a year. Students may not bring electronic devices with them nor are they permitted to bring/do homework.


One thought on “Day 17: Early Stages of Prototyping

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