Day 14: Musical Instruments


I haven’t doted enough on 6th period. This class is ah-ma-zing — always inquisitive and up for any inquiry I throw their way.

So today I introduced the biggest part of our unit on sound — the musical instruments project. Students will work in pairs to build a wind or stringed instrument so they can play a song. Today I pulled out the sound tubes and select YouTube videos to get the kids thinking. With the sound tubes, kids found notes 2-3 octaves apart and the pictured student was able to play something resembling “Taps”.

What was today’s warmup in 6th period?

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 4.52.30 PM

An interesting little rounding issue bit us in the butt today: if you write the wavelength of the third harmonic as 0.333… but then use 0.3 to find frequency, the frequency is off by a whole lot. Knowing that f3 should be 3f1, I knew something was off but it took me awhile to spot the error as rounding.


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