Day 8: Quiz Day

All 4 sections took a quiz today. It’s the first quiz of the year and that meant my freshmen were a little nervous. We take assessments on Moodle during class, which gives them instant feedback but also seems to be a source of stress the first time out. I also require the kids to correct their wrong answers before turning in their work paper. Here’s a beautiful example of the process.

The question:


The student work in pencil and corrections in pen:Image

The directions for corrections are as follows: show your work on a separate sheet of paper. When finished, correct your mistakes and turn in the work paper. What do I mean by “correct your mistakes”?

  1. highlight the problem number,
  2. in pen, circle the point where you went wrong,
  3. classify your error as arithmetic, physics, rounding, or other (please specify),
  4. show the correct next step and solve the problem correctly from there.

Want to do the same but don’t have 1-to-1 laptops? This is just a more expensive/tech-heavy version of Frank’s Quiz Day approach.


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Quiz Day

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