Day 5: Digging Into the First Classwork & Meetings

[Note to self: remember to pull out the camera while students are actually in the classroom. Blogging my class practice daily takes a lot of remembering!]

In physics, we dug into our first classwork assignment. Most of my classes had an uninterrupted 30-45 minutes to work on a problem set on wave properties*. For the first time for many of these kids, I’m asking them to bring together multiple ideas to solve a single problem. Today, the big tricky problem was given a wave’s period and velocity, find its wavelength.

I prefer to NOT outline a bunch of problem-solving rules but rather watch how their natural (or previously-taught) styles emerge. Going around the room today, I saw a lot of interesting strategies, even for these relatively simple problems. Gotta get a few pictures tomorrow to share with y’all!

After school, the junior class, a group of which I advise, had a meeting. Here they are in the auditorium in the science building. The dean of students is sharing rules about driving on campus, off-campus (non)-privileges, and the importance of being on time for class.



Ask me sometime about my after-after-school project: training to be an outdoor ed faculty leader. There have been extreme heights involved, which scare the bejeezus out of me.

*I teach the semesters reversed from a traditional configuration AND teach Physics First (a true physics class taught to high school freshmen). Putting waves first saves mechanics till later in the year, mostly because I want to give their problem-solving skills a chance to mature in time for mechanics.


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