Day 4: Robotz!

We’re all still adjusting to the new schedule our Upper School adopted this fall. My four classes each meet 5 times in a 7 day rotation. Any given class will be a day behind the others at some point in the rotation. Yesterday, I thought I’d told one class something that I hadn’t, which confused a lot of kids (“wait, you haven’t seen the wave equation yet?”). Also, the word tomorrow now has the special meaning of “the next time we meet”. We’re getting there. I just wonder if my colleagues are challenged similarly.

All that is to say that I had a spare 5 minutes in my 4th period class, so I took the chance to recruit kids onto the robotics team. First I showed them the robot sitting in the back of my classroom. Fellow robotics coaches, hear my advice — my other coaches and I rotate the robot around to all our classrooms the first few weeks of school to start discussions about getting involved in robotics. Works like a charm!

After discussing the team for a few minutes, I played the recruitment video one of our robotics kids produced.


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