Day 1: Subversive Groupings

Today was the first day of school and classes were just 35 minutes long. That’s not much time, so I handed out the syllabus, asked them to write 2 Truths & A Lie about themselves, and play Frank’s Subversive Lab Grouping Game.

Day 1

Give each kid a card with a single word on it. The kids are to figure out the organization scheme and get into groups of 4. Some are clearly states: California and Iowa. Some are clearly cars: Chevy and Honda. What, then is a kid with Ford to do when he’s the 5th kid standing with the Presidents? Or the Washington, for that matter?

Just like Frank predicted, I heard “Is this Washington the state or the President?”. We had a nice discussion about zooming out to understand the whole picture before making a decision. One class even had to lay out all the cards on the table to figure out a tricky grouping.

Note to self:  I’d like more ambiguous cards in the deck. Oh, and Pluto isn’t a planet anymore — update that.


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